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Law enforcement needs funding, families need answers, victims need justice

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The Platform

Federal Legislation

Law enforcement, victims, and families need help. Law enforcement needs money and manpower for training, investigations, and case management.  Families of Cold Case Victims need federal rights to assist in their loved ones' cases. New federal legislation is required to make this happen. "The Cold Case Accountability Act of 2020" will be written towards agency funding, education, and accountability, family rights, increased public safety, all in the pursuit of Justice for All. 

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Advanced Technology

Bill Thomas, brother of Colonial Parkway's murder victim Cathy Thomas until October 2017 was unaware of the M-VAC machine and how it could be used by the FBI to collect potential DNA samples from physical evidence in the cases. Local and state law enforcement need money and education so they can  access advanced technology like Experts in the Private Sector do every day. Law enforcement struggles to manage even the pending cases let alone tackle the American Cold Case Epidemic. Private Sector resources must be integrated into the Government Sector by way of Experts and Advanced Technology towards enhancing the investigatory process for justice for victims and in support families who need answers.

Education & Training

No money in a police agency means no training. It means no manpower to cover for an officer in class for a week, it means the latest and greatest tools are not making it to the agency for use in cold case investigation. Reallocation of federal funding for our 18,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide to specifically train cold case investigators. This specialization is not a dime a dozen. Like Narcotics, Sex Crimes, etc., Cold Case Investigation is not the same as hot case investigation and therefore specific education, training, and experience are all necessary in order to move cases, especially non-smoking-gun cases forward.

I'm in! Sign and share on social medial with the hashtag #imin